Wild Families – winter edition of Park Watch

In the latest edition of Park Watch, you’ll find plenty of inspiration to inspire you to brave the cold and soak up some nature with your family over the next couple of weeks!

Maits Rest & Melba Gully

Learn more about these beautiful short walks in the Great Otway National Park and why the whole family will love exploring them.

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Eucalypt quiz

How much does your family know about our amazing Eucalypt trees?

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Setting imaginations alight

Looking for a book to read over the school holidays? Alight: A story of fire and nature is a beautiful book to introduce young children to the complicated topic of fire in our natural places.

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Become a fungus finder

The school holidays are a great time to head to a park and search for fungi! If you haven’t checked out our latest activity sheet yet, have a squiz to learn about the fascinating world of fungi.

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Words by Caitlin Griffith & Consuelo Quevedo
Wild Families is our program supporting families with children under 12 years old to take journeys of discovery together. Find out more here.

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