Macedon Ranges Indian Myna Action Group

Active since: 2013

Key areas of activity:

The group runs a community-based control program to control Indian mynas, a very invasive pest bird species. Participants trap and humanely euthanise mynas, to reduce, control and monitor their numbers. The purpose is to protect native fauna in residential and urban fringe areas and support the return of smaller native bird species that have been forced out by increasing numbers of mynas.

To date over 8400 Indian mynas have been caught by way of simple wire traps made by the group’s volunteers and distributed throughout the Macedon Ranges.

Traps are loaned FREE to members, together with instructions on attracting and trapping the target species and methods of discouraging their return. Traps remain the property of MRIMAG and are loaned to members, moved to hot spots accordingly.

MRIMAG operates under the auspices of Woodend Landcare, with financial support from Macedon Ranges Shire Council. The group has approximately 175 active trappers most years.