Metcalfe Landcare

Active for: 10 years

Members: 50

Key areas of activity:

Metcalfe Landcare encompasses an area of 7,752 hectares with the Coliban River running through it.The area features the Cascades, where the river flows over huge granite boulders forming rock pools.It is a popular swimming and picnic spot.

Metcalfe Landcare is concentrating on improving the health of the Coliban River at the Cascades by removing weeds and replanting native vegetation.They are involved in roadside weed control in conjunction with the Mt Alexander Shire Council.

The group supports landowners with weed control and revegetation,with the use of their spray trailer and technical support and advice.They obtain funding for weed control with grants.

Metcalfe Landcare holds field days and social events with the aim of engaging and education landowners.

UCLN members apply for a grant to work towards the objectives of the Strategic Plan. ©Scheltema