Baynton Sidonia Landcare – in recess

Active for: over 20 years

Members: 150

Key areas of activity:

Many people who live adjoining this area are members of their local Landcare group, as well as Baynton–Sidonia. Baynton–Sidonia have a very successful community engagement program in the form of regular walks, talks and workshops. The Baynton–Sidonia Landcare group is active in working toward sustainable land management in the region. Due to the relative absence of subdivision in the Baynton area, it remains one of the most intact farming areas in the Macedon Ranges area. They have been working closely with the North Central CMA’s Kyneton Woodlands Project.

Other projects include:

  • Telstra Direct seeding project on McHarg Ranges and on-going revegetation.
  • Threatened flora protection (banksias, casuarinas etc) – collected seed, propagated and planted around district.
  • Quarterly newsletter – involvement and creation of the local community is a high priority for this Landcare group.