Seeking research participants for bushfire recovery study

The University of Melbourne and Federation University are researching the importance of local environmental and Landcare groups in post bushfire recovery. 

Research will be conducted through online and in person workshops with members of environmental community groups to learn more about their experiences.

They want to learn about how groups have contributed to the environmental and biodiversity recovery after bushfires, whether being involved in a community group has affected your well-being and what has helped your group to be able to contribute to environmental and social resilience.

If you would like to help provide your insights and contribute to this research, you can register to attend any of the scheduled workshops outlined below. 

Workshop 1:
Orbost Exhibition Centre
Tue 30 November
10am – 12.30pm

Workshop 2:
Friday 3 December
2pm – 4.30pm

Workshop 3:
Monday 6 December
6pm – 8.30pm

If you would like to register to attend a workshop, please contact:

Dr. Kate Brady
or call 0431288736 

This project is funded by the $14M Landcare Led Bushfire Recovery Grant program. 

We pay our respect to the Traditional Owners of the lands in Victoria.
We take inspiration from the legacy of Victorian Aboriginal people, who have produced food, while caring for the ecological systems that life depends upon, for tens of thousands of years.