Red Rumped Parrot survey

A Citizen Science Project

Rob Ashworth is a Master of Environment student at the University of Melbourne in the school of Ecosystem and Forest Science.

Rob is currently studying Red-rump Parrots in urban areas and has created a citizen science project to help collect data.

He is using this outreach program to better understand what makes a good home for a Red-rump Parrot – do they only use tree hollows in native trees or will any tree do the job?

There is a wealth of knowledge and experiences held within the general community, if you have sighted one of these beautiful birds (there is no time frame, and sightings can be historic), please visit Rob’s site to report it.

The aim of the project is to inform current and future conservation work to better support Red-rumps, and other small granivorous parrots, in urban spaces. If you would like to follow the progress of this research get in touch with Rob on Twitter @robdashworth or email 

Red-rump Parrots are small granivorous birds that can be found throughout parks and urban greenspaces of Melbourne and many other urban areas throughout South Eastern Australia. These beautiful birds are often assumed to do poorly in urban areas due to over competition from more aggressive species, such as Lorikeets and Myna’s, and a lack of native hollow bearing trees.