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Is landscape restoration working?
We are super lucky to have secured local Newstead resident and blog royalty, the wonderful Geoff Park, as a guest blog author this week, exploring the question of ‘Is landscape restoration working?’ This topic is close to our hearts, given Connecting Country’s decade of landscape restoration work and ecological monitoring. READ MORE

Team Awesome: our volunteers add 17,000 records to Victorian Biodiversity Atlas
Databases are only as good as the data that is entered (or not entered) into them, with many important decisions relying on databases being up to date and conclusive. Connecting Country and our monitoring partners have collected tens of thousands of wildlife records over the past decade. READ MORE

The value of small patches of remnant vegetation: 14 May 2020 webinar
One of the biggest challenges for restoration projects across the region is habitat fragmentation and how to manage isolated patches of remnant vegetation. Connecting Country has been working for over a decade to restore our fragmented landscape through strategic planning, and working with local landowners to help protect and restore wildlife habitat and connect areas. READ MORE

Calendar competition highlights: Week 3
A couple of weeks ago we announced our inaugural Connecting Country calendar competition and entries have been flowing in steadily.  Our theme is woodland birds and this photo competition is open to all Connecting Country members and people of the Mount Alexander region. The aim of the competition is to highlight our special woodland birds. READ MORE

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